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Wang Yalong "The season of flowers"

Wang Yalong "The season of flowers"

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王亞龍 Wang Yalong







The various experiences of childhood are always deeply rooted in a person's growth and development throughout their life. No matter how far we go or what kind of adults we become, we will always have brief moments of respite in our daily lives, where we will stop and recall those years of naivete and innocence, which were not motivated by profit.

Time is irreversible, and as we journey forward and age, no technology or magic in the real world can truly take us back to our childhood. Perhaps my work explores the possibility of a small monster, who once took your hand and led you on a journey through an unexplored universe.


Everyone grew from little to old, and no matter how mature our bodies and minds become, there will always be a small part of us that is preserved. It could be the small joy of eating cake for the first time, the pride of being asked about our dreams of growing up by our teacher for the first time, or the game we never tire of playing in our childhood, the unforgettable prank we planned with our playmates, or even the food that leaves a lasting impression on us after just one bite.


In real life, I am a lucky person who falls asleep within five seconds and is happy for a whole day when I eat delicious food or create a good piece of artwork. I have no worries that will last until tomorrow, and I live in my own world. I hope that my work can carry out a storyline that is impossible to achieve in the real world.


Through creating animated characters with different personalities, I hope to use the expression style of an animation that is intended for adults to reminisce and explore the joys of youth. In this amusement park, the monsters have different personalities, and they also reflect the grown-ups we have become.


Acrylic on Wood board

60 x 50 cm


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